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Hey Boss!

Do you want to find the words to get the "tell me more"?

If you are this kind of entrepreneur, coach, company owner or passionate creative who has so much to say, but you don't know where to start and how to use your words to sell what you love to do - I am here to help.

I help you to get clear about your offer and to find your stories and words, so you can fascinate and educate to let readers become clients.

I help you to be seen as the interesting person ... the strong lion heart, the real inspiration, people want to buy from - not because they feel to be under pressure, no, because they cannot get enough and want more.

Quite simple, I help you to sell your coaching, consulting, speaking or done-for-you service word by word.

What does it mean - "Sell word by word"?

If you want people to book and buy your in person event, your coaching, your online course or even your purple couch (only you know, why it is so special) you have to make them curious.

If you want to sell your thing you have to speak - no matter in what way. Emails, personal conversations, on stage, in webinars ... you need to talk, to speak, to show, to write. You need to get your offer and value into the game.

Words and stories gain interest, educate, excite and will bring you the "YES! I am in" you want to get.

Without knowing what to say, where to dive deeper and where to leave the pauses to let the desire grow - you will have a hard time to sell anything.

I don't want to see you struggle. I don't want your dream become a nightmare. I want you to succeed and to have the impact you desire and your business right away on the next level.

That is why I am here. I take the pressure away and help you to find the right words, to open hearts and valets.

This is for you

Book to Business

Your mission if you should choose to accept it is to write and publish your book like an entrepreneur, so you build your list and get clients from your book even before you have written chapter one!

Power Day

Let's make it happen in just one day!

- Your Book to Business Strategy that aligns your book with your offer
- Find your story and way to open hearts and to connect emotionally
- How to write and publish, so you will grow your list and bring in customers.
- Outline to make it happen - write and publish your book!

... All in just one day!

Make it Happen Coaching

Get the strategy and the support you need to make your book happen.

Write your book, build your business ... and dance the Happy Author dance!

Get weekly sessions and accountability to make it and finish strong!

Speed up!

You just want to make it happen - fast!

Let's get your book interviewed out of you!
And bring it inline with you business, while we speak.

This is the quickest way to get your book done. Let me help you to crack the rules of time and space.

Cheerio! This is the end of the site, and the beginning of something new. If you just hit the button.