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One truth per day


Maybe you’ve experienced that you gave an advice as a coach to your client and suddenly you realized that this was exactly the thing you need to do for yourself!

Wow! That is what happened to me today.

I had a call with a wonderful client who is in the process of writing her book. She has a powerful ability and method to guide people to understand what stresses them out. She helps them to actively improve and change their lives so they have a better relationship and happier life. She does it in a wonderful way and there is no doubt that this is the topic she is all in and most excited about. It is her zone!
In our call, we reviewed a chapter she just wrote and even it was about the thing that excites her the most it started to be heavy:

“Do I have to write more about that? I think it is all said.”

I could sense that she wasn’t happy and that this wasn’t like it should be. After we finished with the review of the chapter, we changed topics. She told me about her weekend and that conversation she had with a woman about her daughter and the amazing results she had using some of her techniques. “It is unbelievable, how already kids grow with it …!” And there she was. She was back in her zone. She spoke about her beliefs, about what matters in life and all I could hear again was true passion. All the heaviness was gone and all I could see was a thriving, inspiring woman who had it all to make this huge and big shift happen.

Why was there the heaviness? Why was it so difficult and hard to get the same words out only thirty minutes before, when she tried to write the chapter of her book?

Was it speaking vs writing? Maybe a part of it, yes. But the main thing was something else.


Suddenly I realized that the strategy and the book we planned even we decided to go for a super light version became a monster.

This has to be real and perfect, because these words will go out into the world. Bum!


Suddenly I realized that it wasn’t just her, I saw myself and my huge procrastination to get my words out again.

It is at least six months ago that I decided to open up for more people and shifting my site and business from German to English. And I still haven’t written a single blog article or facebook post.

It is almost a year that I stopped moderating my facebook group and showing up there – sorry peeps!

There changed so much – the way I think about writing books and building a business, in my approach, in my point of view, in my offers, in my way to work, in the way I am supporting others, in the results.

Somehow, it turns out that this is an ongoing process that will never end or be final.

Uff, how could you start again with a single post? “I need a proper strategy for a comeback.”

Well for me the result of all this is: “No, not now, I am not done yet, I still need the strategy, the copy, the everything. And well when I look at it, this it too big for right now. I don’t have the time to make it happen.”


And suddenly I am in this call and I hear me saying:

“Can I challenge you?”

“Well, yes.”


Take your cell phone and record one truth per day for the next 30 days!

It doesn’t matter if you share it or if it is just for you.

It doesn’t matter if you record it on your phone or if you write it down.

What matter is, that it has to come from your heart.

It has to be spontaneous – there is no planning.

Just say it aloud: One thing that you believe in. One thing that drives you.

I want you to get going to express your passion and to find the words while you are talking or writing.


There it was. The challenge – ONE TRUTH PER DAY


We finished the call and I realized, this is the challenge I will put myself into for the next 30 days.

And I want to invite you. Just listen or join me and speak aloud one thing you believe in, one thing that matters to you.

Because this isn’t planned since weeks there is no funnel in place, there is no fancy email sign up, and there won’t be.

Today I don’t even have a blog section on my website and I don’t know how to handle comments to be compliant with the GPRN.


I will use my facebook group to publish my recordings or writings for the next 30 days.

If you want to join me – here is the link and I am happy to see you there.





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