About me


Let's start with YOU!

You want to be heard, seen and understood for what you love to do! You have an important message and you want to inspire people and change lives!

And, of course, you want to make a living out of it. You want to have clients, instead of readers only. A tribe is nice, but without the money in the game, you won’t have the impact you want to have.

It is so common for people with big messages, who could speak, talk or write for hours and hours that they simply don’t know where to start.

Their vision is so huge, that they don’t find the entry or the hook to fascinate others. They don’t know which story to tell, which words to use or what to say to the people they want to serve.

I am here to support you to find the right words, so that others see your potential and feel, what difference you can make in their lives.

I help you to express who you are and what you love to do, but also make a living out of it and build the business that really matters for you and for your tribe.

The truth is that every third person wants to write a book. Most of them are entrepreneurs with important messages.

Books are very powerful, when it comes to express ideas and position yourself as a thought leader. However, if you want to use a book to build and grow your business and to make money with your message, you have to have your business foundations in place.
If you want to grow your business with a book, you have to know, what your business is, so you can create clients, instead of readers only.
I help you to align your words with your business and build your tribe and make money, while you write!

If you are dreaming about your own book to supercharge your biz, go the entrepreneurial way.Be aware that you are not an author. You are an entrepreneur. There is a huge difference. You don’t have to rely on publishers or follow the selfpublishing path.

You can write your book, make money and build your tribe - all at the same time. That is the way entrepreneurs write their books!
Want to know how you could write your book like an entrepreneur?

I am here to help you to go the entrepreneurial way, so you can make the difference you want to make – and dance the Happy Dance.

Hi, I am Katja!

If you have trouble reading or pronouncing my name, don’t worry. You are not alone. And there are more important things to know about me than my name. I founded my company because I have a heart for the lion-hearted people, who are driven by passion, with big visions and the willigness to bring real value to the world.

I myself know, how difficult it can be to go outside and to spread your words, to show up and to let others know, how you can change their lives while building your own company at the same time. And I know, how life changes when you persuade audiences and when you build your tribe and business.

With a background in marketing and in design I combine the analytical view to have the strategic foundations with the emotional touch to fascinate people.

Building a business and writing books are two very powerful ways to grow as a person. You have to tap into your message and standing. You have to express your value and embody your voice. That is what fascinates me, when I can open up this path for people like you and guide you to create your own world.

I am a mumpreneur combining all areas of life. I have two beautiful boys and a man, so I am the only woman in the house.

You might assume that I am not a native English speaking person. And, you are right. I am German and I lived, studied and worked in several countries and I always enjoyed the international flair. And even I am located back in Germany now, I see myself as a citizen of the world and a change maker for global authorities and thought leaders.

I make entrepreneurs dance!
The Happy Authority Dance!

You don’t know that move?

Dancing is the boldest self-expression and the most enjoyable move. It is freedom, confidence, ease and happiness. When you dance to celebrate it means, that you love your life, your accomplishments, yourself and what you do!

The Happy Authority Dance is, when you enjoy to express yourself, your message and your value without any boundaries.

It is when you feel confident to speak, to write and tell. It is when you tapped into you full power to lead and inspire others.

Wanna dance? The way I work with people is through coaching, training and done-for-you services.