One Truth per Day

The Daily Routine to Make the Difference
you desire to make and you are here for!

A Live Book Experience for Coaches & Creatives who want to have a more meaningful impact in the world with what they say and do.

It all began with a thirty day challenge to speak aloud one thing that matters – One Truth per Day. Not only for me, also for the people who joined me it turned out to be the clarity booster number one!


“This life becomes my life – every day a bit more!”

“What a rewarding activity!”

“Now it is so obvious and I can’t believe that I haven’t seen it before!”

“It was always there. Now I know what the next step is!”

We agreed: One Truth per Day is great stuff!

Smooth and easy as well as
deep and powerful!

This has to be a BOOK to be spread around the globe! 

I am writing this book to make “One Truth per Day” available for you and for many more. I know, that you have everything inside of you to make the change. You just have to be clear! And this is what you will become, when you start with the daily routine of speaking aloud what matters to you!

Let me inspire you, let me guide you and let’s make it real to find the gold inside of you and to let it shine!

And you don’t have to wait until the book is finished.

You can join me now!

Be with me for the book creation process in the WOW LIVE EXPERIENCE (starting in September)

  • Learn what I have discovered already and start to get clear for the big moves in your life and business.
  • Join the inner circle and grow with the other purpose driven change-makers.
  • Grow as the book does and get guidance and inspiration on the go.
  • Ask questions and get answers.
  • And just enjoy your journey and the beauty of clarity!

You can find the bonus along others on the campaign website and get it from there.

And there is more: Your name is going to be on the LIVE EXPERIENCE, the supporter list inside the book and on my website.

You will get 5 Copies of the autographed limited edition
+ The Ebook (PDF, ePUB, MOBI)
+ Free invitation to the book launch activities like webinars
+ You ALSO get exclusive access to updates

And you will get a digital hug on social media too.

What an awesome experience!

“One Truth per Day was really a great opportunity for me: I felt like I wanted to change something in my business but I wasn’t sure yet what exactly. So I just took the chance in participating in the challenge and the outcome was amazing: speaking aloud really helps to find out what matters to you. And what is even more fascinating is that all these ideas and beliefs are already part of you. And One Truth per Day is very helpful in discovering them! Now I know what I want for my business and which steps to take!”

Kerstin Brausewetter

Learning with Brausewetter

More faith in myself

“It all began with my impulsive decision to take part in this challenge – immediately jumping in the spotlight by starting with a live-video. Until now I published 23 truths. It wasn’t easy to hit the button to send my words into the world. But I see the rewards for bitting the bullet and being bold – online and in real life – with more faith in myself and my visibility!“ 

Vera Fechtig

Owlet Grafikdesign – owl-ways a good idea!

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