Katja Gloeckler

What matters is your message, your voice and your courage to be yourself! Create your success - word by word

Start today!


Hi, I am Katja Gloeckler. I believe, that we are all creators and that every woman, who has the desire to have a positive impact in this world is meant to be a perceptive thought leader.

I help women like you, the passionate, female entrepreneurs and leaders, to get clear on your message and to find your style to spread your words, your truth, and your wisdom.

I show you how to balance the warmth and emotions of passion with the more rational approach, so you can open hearts and inspire minds, whenever you want to, to build your tribe and business or even more - your world.

Yes, you can call it - the business you love - I prefer to say, the lifestyle to bring your unique value to the world. Or to be the leader, who is heard seen and understood for what really matters.

Beyond marketing or listbuilding.
Don't just write a blog or publish a book.

Your message matters too much!

Become a world creator NOW!

"Katja opened up a complete new world for me. I always wanted to have my own book. But as I am a coach and business owner, I never had the time to do it. Then I started to work with Katja. She showed me how to write my book like a boss, not an author - to make money and being fast. Thank you for your unique strategy and fresh way to coach and keep me accountable. I can't wait to write my next book."

Do you know the Happy Author Dance?

team member

It is the move, with the big smile in your face, when you just published your first book - tiny, but hot and sexy, just like you.

Every page, just you, just your pure essence!

You are finally out there! You receive emails of praise. "OMG - thank you, you changed my life. Could you please give me more on that?"

While you dance and smile, your list builds up and customers are raising. You can't imagine, how life would be with your message still inside of you.
Write and Dance baby! Write and Dance!!

Let's do the first step.
Let's talk about your message!

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